Why Do Men Like To Cum In A Woman’s Mouth?

Cum In A Woman's Mouth

Why Cumming in the Mouth Feels Better than Cumming in the Vagina

Cumming in the mouth of a woman feels better than ejaculating in her vagina because of the involved underlying presumptions. Such presumptions may include fondness, affection, love, duty, exploitation, ownership, power, sexual prowess, and control.

When a man ejaculates in the mouth of a woman, he feels that the woman is fond of him. He presumes that she is willing to do anything that will satisfy him. A man can feel like he has completed ravishing a woman’s body when he ejaculates in her mouth.

What’s more, not every woman will agree to have a man cum in her mouth. Cumming in a woman’s vagina is a common practice. Therefore, when a woman agrees to have you cum in her mouth you feel special than when she lets you cum in her vagina.

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